Frequently Asked Questions

What is Howspace?

The Howspace platform enables organizations to lead people, processes, and impact at scale because how you you engage your people matters. The platform adapts to any transformation or change journey and promotes limitless involvement by design, enabling sense-making and engagement supported by interactive, real-time AI. You can find out more from our website or start using Howspace for free from any of the templates you find from this site to experience it for yourself!

What is a Howspace Template?

Howspace Templates allow you to jumpstart your workspace creation process with high quality and inspiring templates built by members of the Howspace team and our awesome community of users from around the world. All Howspace Templates are fully customizable, allowing anyone who downloads one to make changes, both to visuals and format, that best suit their unique needs. 

We’re still in the process of building up our Gallery with awesome pieces of inspiration—and we’re looking forward to your help in that!—but currently, you can find Templates built for creating workshops, improving team collaboration, providing feedback, and more.

How can I best use a Howspace Template?

Templates are great for hitting the ground running with whatever process you want to get started in Howspace. From brainstorming to intense strategy to day-to-day practices, Templates are fantastic for getting started with any kind of team structure, no matter where your participants are located or when they’re online. You can find every kind of inspiration in the Gallery and take them right into your workspace with just a click.

Are Templates free to use?

Yes! Templates and access to the Gallery are totally free to use, so have a browse and start importing fresh ideas into your account for testing. You can even send Templates to share the magic of Howspace with others.

What's the difference between a Workspace Template and a Page Template?

Here in the Gallery, you'll find Workspace Templates in order to help you start new processes or get some inspiration from the processes created by Howspace employees and customers. Workspace Templates are a springboard for you to build out collaborative practices with your teams and organizations.

Page Templates are intended to augment current processes, rather than to start new ones, and you can find those in the My Templates tab in the Action Menu. At the moment, Page Templates will not be available in the Gallery.

How do I use a Template to create a new workspace?

In order to use a template, you must be an admin and have workspace creation rights within your account. Contact your main user admin to make sure you can create new workspaces.

  1. Find a Template you want to use, and click on it to view its description.
  2. Click "Try this template".
  3. Click "Create a workspace using this template".
  4. Give your workspace a name, then click "Create a new workspace".
  5. You'll promptly be redirected to your new workspace!

Can I use a Template even though I don't have a Howspace account?

Absolutely! Templates are the perfect way to get started with Howspace, taking inspiration from the best practices of other users and customers who've been on the platform for a while. You start using Howspace for free with up to 20 users across 3 workspaces. 

  1. Find a Template that you like and open it up.
  2. Click "Try this template".
  3. Fill out the form, then click "Open your free account".
  4. You'll be taken right into your free account with the Template you've chosen!

How do I submit a template I've created to the Gallery?

We welcome all Howspace users to submit their best practice templates to the Gallery so that others can find inspiration and learn how to use the platform when they're just starting out! Make sure to read our Submission Guidelines if you want to contribute a template.

  1. Visit "My Templates" in the Action Menu to find the template you want to submit.
  2. Click "Edit template" in the drop-down menu found under the […] icon.
  3. At the top of your template, you will find a yellow bar, where you can click "Template Settings" to open up your template.
  4. Give your template a name that clearly explains what this template is, as well as a short intro that will make it easier for others to find. In the Description box, explain how to use your template and why it's useful to your fellow Howspace users!
  5. When you're satisfied, you can click "Published to Gallery" under Public template sharing. Our team will review your template before approving it for public use.
  6. Finally, choose up to 3 tags that best describe your template, and include a cover image that'll set your template out from the rest. Click "Save" when you're done, and we'll get an alert on our end that you've submitted a template!

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