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New modern UI

Work in progress
Current user interface is more or less 5 years old and it is showing its age. Also there are some usability issues that are difficult to solve with the current...

Journey map / process map

Work in progress
New widget that allows easy way to visualize process and where we are at the process currently. Without any image editing I should be able to produce something like this:...

Audio to text transcriptions

Work in progress
It would be great to have automatic text version of any audio or video clip that is uploaded. This text version could be then translated and also be part of...

Possibility to add subtitles to videos

Work in progress
It would be great to have possibility to add subtitles to videos. There should be possibility to define language of the subtitles, so user can choose which language they want...

Admin space/admin container

Work in progress
It is a regular container that is shown only for the admins. It is a handy way to embed instructions and facilitator collaboration within the context of a page. Critical...

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