Team Retros Package

Bring your team together to reflect on past work and collaborate on future improvements to ways of working and productivity!


Improving for the future means taking the learnings from the past and adapting ways of working to avoid blockers and supercharge moments of productivity and creativity. Taking some time to look back on a project, a sprint, or a quarter of work can bring multiple benefits, whether you're working on your own, with a team, or in a company-wide task force. This pack of Retro templates helps you visualize your thoughts and organize your experiences so you can move forward with clarity.

Who is the template for?

This template can be used by teams working in sprints, individuals wanting to improve their personal workflows, and groups of colleagues working on cross-functional projects.

How is this template used?

This template pack contains three varieties of retro activities that encourage people to think about what work they accomplished, how they want to continue working in the future, and what they want to discard from their daily practices. Super Chats encourage teammates to discuss and collaborate on how they can improve together.

Official Howspace template

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