Idea Ranking

Activate and involve people in ideation and prioritization in one simple brainstorm session, enhanced by AI sense making.

    Brainstorming Teamwork

Ideation is a fun and engaging process, but sometimes it can get a bit messy. Having a simple process to brainstorm and then rank ideas in order of importance can help drive meaningful action following an awesome session together. This Idea Ranking template helps create awareness around a certain topic or theme that needs attention and then collect actionable ideas from a discussion group that can then move forward. It employs a simple ranking system to help focus participants and ensures everyone's voice is heard equally.

Who is this template for?

This template is meant for facilitators who want to facilitate groups of up to 30 people in order to help identify their best ideas related to certain topic or theme.

How is this template used?

The purpose of this template is to activate and involve people in ideation, prioritization, and sense making. Using Super Chats, timers, and AI widgets, participants gather together to contribute ideas and talk about what's most important in the moment and in the long run. Ideas are then ranked according to number of Likes given to them, making it easy to look back on the group's priorities later.

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