ADKAR Awareness Stage Template

This is a template to execute the first stage of The ADKAR® Model of change in your organization: The Awareness stage.

    Development Sense-making Strategy


The goal of using this template is to build organization-wide awareness about the reason and need for change.
Without an apparent reason and rationale for the change, people will have difficulty getting involved, there will be change resistance, and the desired impact is rarely achieved. Awareness is not only about delivering information, it is about inviting the people involved to personal reflection that will serve as a basis for the next steps of the process.

Who is the template for?

  • Leaders, who want to start and lead a change initiative
  • Consultants and development professionals working with organizational change
  • Change agents that crave digital tools to scale their work

How to use the template?

The workspace includes two different exercises (1st awareness stage and ideal future state). These can be done in stages, mixing synchronous and asynchronous work time. You can easily hide and show the exercises based on where the focus is now.

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