How Now Wow Matrix

Brainstorm ideas on future initiatives according to ease of implementation, creativity, and ROI.


When people want to develop new ideas, they most often think out-of-the-box in the brainstorming or divergent phase. However, when it comes to the convergent phase, people often end up picking ideas that are most familiar to them. This is called a ‘creative paradox’ or a ‘creadox’.

The How-Now-Wow matrix is an idea selection tool that breaks the creadox by forcing people to weigh each idea on 2 parameters. This process naturally follows the creative idea generation phase and helps players select ideas to develop further.

Who is this template for?

The How-Now-Wow template is perfect for large groups to brainstorm ideas together and move forward with those of most interest and viability.

How is this template used?

Participants take 15 minutes in small groups or as individuals to come up with ideas in Super Chats. Then, as a group, these ideas are given points according to importance. The ideas with the most points are then mapped onto the How-Now-Wow matrix, which then guides the group in making decisions about their work.

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